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Auto Insurance

Whether you pay every month or every six months, car insurance payments have a tendency to get really expensive, especially if you have younger adults or teenage drivers in the family. What’s more is that every state has different rules and regulations when it comes to liability requirements, which adds on to the complexity of buying car insurance. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of the different types of car or auto insurance coverage plans available and how to go about obtaining competitive rates from insurance providers.

Types of Car Insurance Coverage:

Liability Insurance
Although every state has different requirements for car insurance coverage, most require that all automobile drivers at least be insured with liability insurance. This type of auto insurance basically provides coverage in the event that you cause an accident which results in the destruction of someone else’s car. However, having liability insurance is not always enough. For example, in order to maintain the value of their loan for a new or used vehicle, financial institutions or loan lenders will typically require consumers to have full car insurance coverage rather than just liability insurance.

Property Damage Insurance
A minimum amount of property damage coverage is another type of auto insurance that every state usually requires drivers to have. This type of auto insurance is meant to cover the costs associated with repairs or damages to another automobile if you turn out to be the main cause of the accident. Property damage coverage is extremely important because without it, you would be held accountable for the accident and be responsible for paying damages any other financial liabilities that resulted from the accident.

Uninsured Motorist Insurance
If you have ever wondered what happens if you get into an accident without being at fault and the other party is uninsured, three words can sum it up; uninsured motorist insurance. This particular type of car insurance coverage can really serve to provide you with some peace of mind while you’re on the road because sometimes no matter how careful you are, another driver can still come in and cause you to have an accident.

Having a full auto insurance policy generally includes comprehensive and collision coverage.

Comprehensive Insurance
This type of auto insurance basically provides coverage for any type of damages your vehicle sustains, including those resulting from theft and acts of vandalism.

Collision Insurance
A collision policy is meant to provide coverage for your car if you are the one who is held responsible for the accident. If your vehicle cannot be salvaged and therefore needs to be totaled as a result of the accident, the cash value will typically be paid out to you by your car insurance company.

Personal and bodily injury coverage are other forms of car insurance policies that many providers offer to vehicle drivers.

Personal Injury Insurance
Having personal injury car insurance coverage essentially means that your insurance provider will pay for a certain percentage of any medical expenses which can result from hospitalization or medical attention that you may receive. It can also provide some financial support for any wages lost as well some death benefits.

Bodily Injury Insurance
This type of auto insurance falls under the liability insurance umbrella and provides coverage for medical bills resulting from an accident that you were found at fault for causing.

Finding Competitive Automobile Insurance Rates

When it comes right down to it, car insurance is not really an expense you can afford to do without. In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, you also need to have car insurance for the protection of your automotive investment. After all, you can only get “lucky” so many times when driving without insurance. However, that being said, car insurance isn’t exactly cheap, which can often make finding the right type of coverage for both your needs and budget somewhat difficult.

Fortunately in today’s technologically lit world, it’s possible for you to obtain affordable and even cheap car insurance rates through the Internet. Not only are online car insurance rates quick and convenient, but they also allow you to comparison shop by providing insurance quotes from multiple providers so that you can find the best deal possible on your car insurance policy. offers extensive information and online quotes for several insurance products:

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